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|[[Rie Irish]]
|[[Rie Irish]]
|[https://mohammaddarab.com/interview-rie-irish/ mohammaddarab.com]
|[https://mohammaddarab.com/interview-rie-irish/ mohammaddarab.com]
|[https://twitter.com/IrishSQL @IrishSQL]
|[https://twitter.com/IrishSQL @IrishSQL]
|[http://www.riepedia.net/ riepedia.net]
|[http://www.riepedia.net/ riepedia.net]

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Interviewee Link Date Twitter Website
Brent Ozar mohammaddarab.com 2017-03-10 @BrentO brentozar.com
Tim Radney mohammaddarab.com 2017-03-11 @tradney sqlskills.com
Chrissy LeMaire mohammaddarab.com 2017-03-12 @cl dbatools.io
Adam Machanic mohammaddarab.com 2017-03-13 @AdamMachanic sqlblog.com
Kendra Little mohammaddarab.com 2017-03-14 @Kendra_Little littlekendra.com
Paul Randal mohammaddarab.com 2017-03-15 @PaulRandal sqlskills.com
Aaron Bertrand mohammaddarab.com 2017-03-20 @AaronBertrand blogs.sentryone.com
Pinal Dave mohammaddarab.com 2017-03-21 @pinaldave blog.sqlauthority.com
Erin Stellato mohammaddarab.com 2017-03-22 @erinstellato sqlskills.com
Allan Hirt mohammaddarab.com 2017-03-23 @sqlha sqlha.com
Mindy Curnutt mohammaddarab.com 2017-03-30 @sqlgirl mindycurnutt.com
Benjamin Nevarez mohammaddarab.com 2017-04-14 @BenjaminNevarez benjaminnevarez.com
Denny Cherry mohammaddarab.com 2017-05-08 @mrdenny dcac.co
Argenis Fernandez mohammaddarab.com 2017-05-22 @dbargenis sqlblog.com/blogs/argenis_fernandez
Kevin Kline mohammaddarab.com 2017-06-07 @kekline kevinekline.com
Tim Mitchell mohammaddarab.com 2017-11-27 @Tim_Mitchell timmitchell.net
Pedro Lopes mohammaddarab.com 2017-12-04 @sqlpto blogs.msdn.microsoft.com
Steve Jones mohammaddarab.com 2017-12-06 @way0utwest voiceofthedba.com
Stacia Varga mohammaddarab.com 2017-12-12 @_StaciaV_ datainspirations.com
Monica Rathbun mohammaddarab.com 2017-12-13 @SQLEspresso sqlespresso.com/
Anthony Nocentino mohammaddarab.com 2017-12-18 @nocentino centinosystems.com
Parikshit Savjani mohammaddarab.com 2017-12-19 @talktosavjani sqlserverfaq.net
Andy Mallon mohammaddarab.com] 2017-12-20 @AMtwo am2.co
Tim Ford mohammaddarab.com 2017-12-22 @sqlagentman thesqlagentman.com
Joe Sack mohammaddarab.com 2017-12-27 @JoeSackMSFT joesack on linkedin
David Klee mohammaddarab.com 2018-01-02 @kleegeek davidklee.net
Bob Pusateri mohammaddarab.com 2018-01-16 @SQLBob bobpusateri.com
Louis Davidson mohammaddarab.com 2018-01-18 @drsql drsql.org
Andy Yun mohammaddarab.com 2018-01-22 @SQLBek blogs.sentryone.com
Amit Banerjee mohammaddarab.com 2018-02-05 @banerjeeamit troubleshootingsql.com
Rie Irish mohammaddarab.com 2018-02-06 @IrishSQL riepedia.net
Kellyn Pot’Vin-Gorman mohammaddarab.com 2018-02-07 @DBAKevlar dbakevlar.com
John Morehouse mohammaddarab.com 2018-02-15 @sqlrus sqlrus.com
Robert L. Davis mohammaddarab.com 2018-02-20 @SQLSoldier sqlsoldier.net
Aaron Bertrand mohammaddarab.com 2018-03-20 @AaronBertrand blogs.sentryone.com


to read the interviews on his website.

You can find the twitter feeds of the people he interviewed here:

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