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!Discovered on date/day
!Discovered on date/day
|[[Top 10 Most Common Database Scripts]]
|[https://www.red-gate.com/simple-talk/sql/t-sql-programming/top-10-most-common-database-scripts/ red-gate.com]
|2018-08-17 Friday
|[[Getting the Role Permissions]]
|[[Getting the Role Permissions]]

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What did you learn or study today?

August 2018

Title URL Discovered on date/day
Top 10 Most Common Database Scripts red-gate.com 2018-08-17 Friday
Getting the Role Permissions voiceofthedba.com 2018-08-16 Thursday
Installing Ubuntu in Level 1 of the Stairway to SQL Server on Linux sqlservercentral.com 2018-08-15 Wednesday
Planning a SQLSaturday sqlsaturday.com 2018-08-14 Tuesday
The Ideal IDE sqlservercentral.com 2018-08-07 Wednesday
Enable plan-affecting SQL Server query optimizer behavior that can be controlled by different trace flags on a specific-query level support.microsoft.com 2018-08-01 Wednesday

July 2018

Title URL Discovered on date/day
Machine Learning 101: The Mathematics of an Artificial Neural Network sqlservercentral.com 2018-07-02 Monday

June 2018

Title URL Discovered on date/day
How to Monitor Everything youtube.com 2018-06-19 Tuesday
No @@ServerName on Linux voiceofthedba.com 2018-06-07 Thursday
SQL Server Tuning Skills voiceofthedba.com 2018-06-06 Wednesday
Export diagrams sqlservercentral.com 2018-06-06 Wednesday

May 2018

Title URL Discovered on date/day
Hands off dbatools updates voiceofthedba.com 2018-05-25 Friday
Hey, That’s Not My Sort! brentozar.com 2018-05-03 Thurday
TSQL2SDAY 101 Round-Up : My Essential SQL Server Tools t-sql.dk 2018-05-03 Thurday

April 2018

Title URL Discovered on date/day
Remove-DbaBackup with dbatools voiceofthedba.com 2018-04-13 Friday
T-SQL Tuesday #101–Tools voiceofthedba.com 2018-04-10 Tuesday
Building SQL ConstantCare®: 10% of you have Priority Boost on. brentozar.com 2018-04-05 Thursday
Scripting Tables and Procedures from SSMS sqlservercentral.com 2018-04-05 Thursday
Allen White SQL Server Performance and Automation Blog allenwhite.com 2018-04-04 Wednesday
Storing a variable with a SELECT, and why it didn't work. sqlservercentral.com 2018-04-02 Monday

March 2018

Title URL Discovered on date/day
Scripting All Objects from SSMS in to a VCS sqlservercentral.com 2018-0-29 Thursday
Scripting Tables with dbatools voiceofthedba.com 2018-03-23 Friday
Getting query text from SSMS into Excel with PowerShell sqlservercentral.com 2018-03-23 Friday
Getting query text from SSMS into a CSV with PowerShell sqlservercentral.com 2018-03-23 Friday
SQL Server 2016 Build List sqlservercentral.com 2018-03-23 Friday
Different Ways to Import JSON Files into SQL Server mssqltips.com 2018-03-20 Tuesday
The DBA's Essential Index Monitoring and Maintenance Tasks sqlservercentral.com 2018-03-09 Friday
SQL Authentication Via AD Groups Part II: Who has what access? sqlservercentral.com 2018-03-02 Friday

February 2018

Title URL Discovered on date/day
Build a Career Radar voiceofthedba.com 2018-02-23 Friday
Use the Proper User for Azure MySQL DB voiceofthedba.com 2018-02-20 Tuesday
Template Configuration voiceofthedba.com 2018-02-16
Getting Your SET Options voiceofthedba.com 2018-02-06 Tuesday

January 2018

Title URL Discovered on date/day
Better Security with dbatools voiceofthedba.com 2018-01-26 Friday
PowerShell Core 6.0: Generally Available (GA) and Supported! blogs.msdn.microsoft.com 2018-01-11 Thursday

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