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What did you learn or study today?

June 2019

Title URL Discovered on date/day
Tips for Better Presentations 2019-06-04 Tuesday

May 2019

Title URL Discovered on date/day
Things SQL Server Setup Doesn't Do - And Should 2019-05-30 Thursday
Do You Know What Secrets Your SQL Servers are Sharing? 2019-05-29 Wednesday
Insert Statement Without Column List (BP004) 2019-05-28 Tuesday
Running Linux SQL Server as a Container 2019-05-21 Tuesday
The Silent Bug I Find in Most Triggers 2019-05-17 Friday
A Self-Serve System to Refresh Databases (Part 3) 2019-05-16 Thursday
Moving to Serverless for Azure SQL DB 2019-05-15 Wednesday
Communicate Smarter Not More 2019-05-13 Monday
Serverless 2019-05-02 Thursday

April 2019

Title URL Discovered on date/day
Database Fundamentals #21: Using the JOIN Operator, OUTER JOIN 2019-04-25 Thursday
What’s the Mashup Engine? 2019-04-24 Wednesday
A Quick Start to Running Python Code in SQL Server 2019-04-18 Thursday
SQL-Server-First-Responder-Kit 2019-04-17 Wednesday
Monitoring SQL Server Performance: What’s Required? 2019-04-17 Wednesday
How to pair socks from a pile efficiently? 2019-04-15 Monday

March 2019

Title URL Discovered on date/day
SQL Server Trace Flags - Complete list 2019-03-07 Thursday

February 2019

Title URL Discovered on date/day
Verify File Exists Using PowerShell 2019-02-28 Thursday
Getting Approximate Count in Microsoft SQL Server 2019-02-26 Tuesday
You Need Offline Backups 2019-02-21 Thursday
You know what your deadlock graphs need? Animation 2019-02-21 Thursday
How To Check How Far Behind Your SQL Server Log Shipping Secondary Is 2019-02-21 Thursday
You Need Offline Backups 2019-02-19 Tuesday
Practical Web Scraping–Getting Started 2019-02-15 Friday
SQL Server Trace Flags - Complete list 2019-02-14 Thursday

January 2019

Title URL Discovered on date/day
10 Database Tasks That Sound Easy, But Aren’t 2019-01-31 Thursday
Build and fill a database using JSON and SQL Change Automation 2019-01-31 Friday
Multi-server scripts with SSMS using SQLCMD mode 2019-01-30 Wednesday
Pro SQL Server Linux–Connecting and Building an App 2019-01-28 Monday
Analyzing Slack Traffic with PowerBI 2019-01-28 Monday
Nick Craver - Stack Overflow: How We Do Monitoring - 2018 Edition 2019-01-28 Monday
Connect to Reddit from SQL Server 2019-01-28 Monday
A Primer on Database Replication 2019-01-16 Wednesday
Pro SQL Server on Linux–Install 2019-01-09 Wednesday
File Maintenance - Cleaning Up Old Files 2019-01-03 Thursday

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