24 Hours of PASS 2016

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Presenter Session
David Klee Session 01: The Complete Primer to SQL Server Virtualization
Brian Larson Session 02: Effective Data Visualization with SQL 2016 - Data Near and Far
Glenn Berry Session 03: Dr. DMV: How to Use DMVs to Diagnose Performance Problems
Tara Shankar Jana Session 04: “Sneak Peak” Cloud App Development Immersion- Hands on approach to build data-driven Intelligent applications
Guy Glantser Session 05: From XML to JSON
Allan Hirt Session 06: A Closer Look at Distributed Availability Groups
Dmitri Korotkevitch Session 07: The Ambiguous Case of Off-Row Storage in In-Memory OLTP
Vicky Harp Session 08: Understanding and Monitoring Tempdb
Patricio Cofre Session 09: Using Azure Machine Learning to Predict Consumer Price Index
Marco Russo Session 10: Create a Power BI Solution in One Day
Kalen Delaney Session 11: Locking, Blocking, Versions: Concurrency for Maximum Performance
Kevin Petrie Jen Underwood Reza Khan Session 12: Enabling Real-time Analytics with CDC and Data Warehouse Automation
Kathi Kellenberger Session 13: Indexing for Beginners
Brent Ozar Session 14: 500-Level Guide to Career Internals
Joachim Hammer Session 15: Securing your Data is Easier Than Ever: Security Investments in SQL Server 2016, Azure SQL Database, and SQL Data Warehouse
Andy Yun Session 16: Performance Pitfalls from Code Reuse
Eduardo Castro Session 17: R Language for the SQL Server DBA
Rob Farley Session 18: The Synergy of In-Memory Operational Analytics
Matan Yungman Session 19: MongoDB for the SQL Server Professional
Markus Ehrenmueller-Jensen Session 20: My Favorite Pie (Chart): Simple Rules for Clear Visualizations
Mladen Prajdic Session 21: Optimizing Database Access And Diving Into .Net SqlClient
Hamish Watson Session 22: Overcoming a Culture of FearOps by Adopting DevOps
Peter Myers Session 23: Developing a SQL Server 2016 Master Data Services Solution
Tim Mitchell Session 24: A Crash-Course in Biml