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Name url date
Towards a Single Management Stack sqlservercentral.com 2016-09-03 Saturday
Windows PowerShell Tip: Fun Things You Can Do With the Get-ChildItem Cmdlet technet.microsoft.com 2016-08-31 Sunday
Blog | Microsoft Azure azure.microsoft.com 2016-08-18 Thursday
GoToWebinar - Painting with PowerShell: SQL Server Administration youtube.com 2016-06-06 Monday
Upload files to DropBox from PowerShell - Laurent Kempé laurentkempe.com 2016-04-07 Thursday
Upload files with ftp using powershell - Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com 2014-03-06 Thursday

Stairway to SQL PowerShell[edit]

PowerShell Virtual User Group[edit]

PowerShell Virtual Chapter - Home

PowerShell Virtual Chapter - YouTube

SQL PASS PowerShell (@sqlpowershell) | Twitter

SQL PASS PowerShell Virtual Chapter | LinkedIn

SQL PASS PowerShell Virtual Chapter - Docs.com

Code - OneDrive

sqlpsvc’s gists · GitHub

PASS Virtual Powershell chapter:

PowerShell for SQL Server Database Administrators


Youtube channel

Setting up powershell remote sessions