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What #SQLSaturday Organizers and Volunteers Do

"Find a venue – which is surprisingly hard to find one space with multiple classrooms, projectors, WiFi, and keep costs as low as possible"

Organizing a SQL Saturday – Part 3 – The Venue

Here are some concerns of people finding SQL Saturday venues:

So venue selection. Things we take into consideration are location (near freeways etc., hotels nearby, cost, number of rooms, layout). Then the venue needs to be able to be up and available on Saturday's which some aren't.

  • What were the gotchas and lessons learned in finding a venue for your SQL Saturday?

Goal was to find more space for sponsors. Second was cost. Our new venue saves us money. Free is better, but hard to find. Location is next.

Additional questions[edit]

  • How much does the venue cost?
  • When is access to the venue available?
  • What is the layout of the facility?
  • What are the financial arrangements for the venue?
  • Does the venue want to sponsor the event?
  • How big is the venue?
  • Will anyone else be accessing the venue during the event?
  • What are the emergency procedures for the venue?
  • Who are the emergency contacts?
  • How many heavy users can your wifi handle?

Venue Types[edit]

  • Conference Center
  • Local school, college or university
  • Local technical company
  • Other Venues

Venue Specific Information[edit]

Questions asked[edit]

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