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Event Space Ideas[edit]

  • businesses
  • colleges
  • elementary schools
  • churches
  • rented event space
  • technical colleges,
  • amusement space with a go-cart track.

some notes on venue selection can be found here: SQL Saturday venue selection

SQL Saturday #596 – Denver BI Edition[edit]

The organizer thought the best space was a university. They started looking the summer before the event (which was in late February). They used their contact to get a meeting with one of the deans and a few people on his team. They organizer was ready with information about the planned event.

It took a few more meets to set up an event with 2 conference rooms that the dean managed and could make available on a Saturday for free.

This fit in with their goal of a small event aimed at college students and working professionals at a low cost.

This is the schedule for the event: https://www.sqlsaturday.com/596/Sessions/Schedule.aspx