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"JustMarie (7/18/2016)

However my boss's boss has a thing about 'butts in seats' and likes to see his people busily typing away and talking on phones.

This kind of attitude drives me insane, but (I think) it also points to insecure management. They don't trust their workforce, or they don't feel empowered to manage any issues that might arise from their employees working from home, so they just dictate that everybody must be visible at all times instead. A good manager should judge their employee on the quality of their work, not the vague observation that they're always at their desk. It's insane.

Preaching to the choir here. That attitude is about 15 years out of date. And it's going to cost them future talent when they're told that they have to be in the office 100% of the time. The underlying assumption you point out - that they can't trust their employees to work if they're not in the office - comes out very clear when telecommuting is taken off the table for no reason."