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What did you learn or study today?

December 2017[edit]

Title URL Discovered on date/day
Making Choices 2017-12-15 Friday
Database Fundamentals #15: Modifying Data With T-SQL - Grant Fritchey 2017-12-11 Monday

November 2017[edit]

Title URL Discovered on date/day
Long Live OLE DB! 2017-11-20 Monday

October 2017[edit]

Title URL Discovered on date/day
Overview of business continuity with Azure SQL Database 2017-10-16 Monday
How to Log Wait Stats to Table with sp_BlitzFirst 2017-10-13 Friday
How to Do a SQL Server Architecture Review 2017-10-12 Thursday
SQL Server Diagnostic Information Queries for October 2017 2017-10-06 Friday

September 2017[edit]

Title URL Discovered on date/day
SQL Server Wait Types Library 2017-09-21 Thursday
Creating Basic Indexes on the Stack Overflow Public Database 2017-09-07 Thursday
Should You Enforce Foreign Key Relationships in the Database? 2017-09-01 Friday

August 2017[edit]

Title URL Discovered on date/day
Things Your SQL Server Monitoring Software Should Tell You 2017-08-31 Thursday
24HOP Summit Preview PowerShell ❤️ SQL Server Modern Database Administration 2017-08-03 Thursday
Ingest data from a web page into SQL Server 2017 using R 2017-08-03 Thursday
Performance Myths : Oversizing string columns 2017-08-02 Wednesday

July 2017[edit]

Title URL Discovered on date/day
Export data from SQL Server to Excel 2017-07-05 Wednesday

June 2017[edit]

Title URL Discovered on date/day
Replace Bad Characters in Table 2017-06-28 Wednesday
dbfs – command line access to SQL Server DMVs 2017-06-28 Wednesday
Improving Replication 2017-06-26 Monday
SQL Server KIT github.ccom 2017-06-23 Friday
Microsoft SQL Server Utilities and Tools 2017-06-22 Thursday
UNION ALL Optimization 2017-06-13 Tuesday
Measuring SQL Query Performance 2017-06-08 Thursday

May 2017[edit]

Title URL Discovered on date/day
Restore to a point in time–#SQLNewBlogger 2017-05-26 Friday
How to document multiple SQL Server databases using SQL Doc and PowerShell 2017-05-23 Tuesday
Quick Graph Database 2017-05-12 Friday
Why is a Windows authenticated login more secure than a SQL authenticated one? 2017-05-08 Monday
Performance Tuning Using Extended Events: Part 3 - SQLServerCentral 2017-05-04 Thursday

April 2017[edit]

Title URL Discovered on date/day
App Compatibility with SQL Server on Linux | Data Exposed | Channel 9 2017-04-27 Thursday
SELECT Blog FROM Brad.Schulz CROSS APPLY SQL.Server(): XML PATHs Of Glory 2017-04-26 Wednesday
Generating HTML from SQL Server Queries - Simple Talk 2017-04-26 Wednesday
Weaning yourself off of SQL Profiler (Part 1) - Wayne Sheffield 2017-04-25 Tuesday
Getting SQLServers Last Known Good DBCC Checkdb with PowerShell and dbatools 2017-04-05 Wednesday

March 2017[edit]

Title URL Discovered on date/day
3 Mistakes I Made While Presenting Remotely - Cathrine Wilhelmsen 2017-03-31 Friday
Getting SQL Server File Sizes and Space Used with dbatools 2017-03-29 Wednesday
How do you clear the SQL Server transaction log? - Stack Overflow 2017-03-27 Monday
Insufficient Disk Space (T-SQL Tuesday #88) 2017-03-27 Monday
The $650 SQL Saturday new comments 2017-03-24 Friday
Interview - Brent Ozar - Mohammad Darab 2017-03-13 Monday
Execution Plan Basics 2017-03-10 Friday
The Big Red Button 2017-03-10 Friday
How to work with the command line in Azure SQL Data Warehouse 2017-03-09 Thursday
Create a DACPAC to Move Databases 2017-03-08 Wednesday
The Migration Checklist (comments) 2017-03-08 Wednesday
The $650 SQL Saturday 2017-03-07 Tuesday
Detective Stories - Tracking Down the Database's Dependents Part 2 2017-03-07 Tuesday
Finding the Worst Performing TSQL Statement 2017-03-06 Monday
Project Bletchley - The Microsoft Vision for Blockchain 2017-03-06 Monday

February 2017[edit]

Title URL Date and day of the week
sql - MySQL combine two columns into one column - Stack Overflow 2017-02-23 Thursday
Install SQL Server on Ubuntu | Microsoft Docs 2017-02-23 Thursday
Back to Basics: Capturing Baselines on Production SQL Servers 2017-02-21 Tuesday
Using EXCEPT to Determine Row Differences 2017-02-17 Friday

January 2017[edit]

Title URL Date and day of the week
SQL Server Blog 2017-01-23 Monday
The (Former) Complexity of PowerShell 2017-01-19 Thursday
What is COPY_ONLY? 2017-01-19 Thursday
Kevin Hill - YouTube 2017-01-13 Friday
Backing Up SQL Server Databases is Easier in PowerShell than T-SQL 2017-01-12 Thursday
Deploy & Manage Ola Hallengren's Scripts in SQL Server with PowerShell - YouTube 2017-01-12 Thursday
Bitnami makes deploying open source apps in the cloud easy 2017-01-10 Tuesday
An Introduction to SQL Server Containers 2017-01-08 Sunday
Voice of the DBA 2017-01-06 Friday
Raspberry Pi • View topic - VAX/VMS on RaspberryPi 2017-01-05 Thursday
Starting with Chocolatey 2017-01-03 Tuesday

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